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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

After Court......

At the bottom of my post, I have a picture that I want to make sure that you don't miss..........

We are working on finalizing our travel plans.  Todd will be staying home this trip and my parents are going to go with me to pick Joshua up.  We leave July 9th and return July 22nd!  I found out on Monday that my brother Andy and his wife Erin (who are adopting also) got their travel dates and will be leaving a few days before us and return on the SAME DAY!!!  AMAZING!!  Their blog is Life's Little Miracles.  It is pretty exciting around here!!

I wanted to finish posting about our last trip before I leave on another trip and forget everything......

After court we went and visited Joshua again!  We didn't know originally that we would be able to see again so this was a bonus visit.  Here's some pictures: 

Coloring on the ipad.  He kept checking his fingers afterwards. 

Joshua had to wash his hands after playing with the ipad.  Too cute!

Here are a few Christmas pictures from a couple of years ago.  I was so
excited to have these.  Just some glimpses of his past.  They
really dressed the children up prim and proper.

While it is neat to see them open the presents, I am pretty sure
they would not get to keep them as 'their own'. 

Playing with the toys we brought.

Look who knows he funny!!!  We were cracking up!!

What don't I want you to miss?! 
I want you to meet Yana.  She is the newest baby at the orphanage. 
Perfect. Healthy. Beautiful. 

I had the honor of taking her newborn baby pictures.
Yana needs a family.  She was abandoned just like my Joshua
at one month old because she has Down syndrome. 
She will be such a blessing to someone's family!! 
Someone needs to adopt this precious little one..........

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  1. I am so happy you got to see him when you were there! He looks so happy!!!