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Sunday, July 15, 2012

1 Year 'Gotcha Day' Anniversary!!

It's been 1 whole year since 'Gotcha Day'!!!  That means it has been one year from the day we went and picked up Joshua from his orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia.  If you would like to read and see pictures from one year ago, click on the link below:

Here are some current pictures of our 'Orphan-No-More'!! We've been blessed!!  There are NO regrets just thankfulness that God chose him for our family.  Here is my beautiful son:


(4th of July)

(the whole tribe)
(today July 15th, 2012)

(today, July 15th 2012 - playing with water with is his favorite thing to do)


  1. Joshua has grown so much in the last year. Was fun to reread his gotcha-day post. He was a good eater and loved water that day, too. =) So thankful God directed you to precious Joshua. We love you, buddy!

  2. Hi My name is Jenna
    Your kids are beautiful princesses, handsome prince’s, cute blessings, special earthly angels, and precious gifts and miracles. Joshua is an inspirational hero, smilen champ, brave hero.
    I was born with a rare life threatening disease, developmental delays, and 14 other medical conditions.

    Here is a new poem I wrote, it’s called it takes courage:
    It Takes courage to love
    Like a dove
    It takes courage to fight,
    It takes courage to do what’s right
    It takes courage to stay strong,
    When things go wrong
    It takes courage to write a song
    It takes courage to live
    It takes courage to give
    It takes courage to fight this beast
    It takes courage to be brave
    It takes courage to smile and wave
    It takes courage to keep positive
    Keep on fighting!
    It takes courage to win!