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Friday, September 24, 2010

The First Hoop

Our home study interview is, Lord willing, this coming Monday.  This is part of the first big hoop that we need to jump through to adopt our little guy.  By the way, there are lots of hoops!

First we had a preliminary interview with an agency (to make sure we were a good fit).  Second, after deciding to continue with this agency we were given a large packet of information to fill out.  Third, we spent a couple of weeks filling out the paperwork.  They want to know about your family history, jobs, financial situation, relationships, strengths, weaknesses, kids, why you want to adopt..........everything:).


Basically, they are trying to prove or disprove that you are a decent family able to take in a child.  Writing all the papers felt like high school or college again.  We even had to write a short autobiography of ourselves:)  It'll make millions I'm sure...haha.  

So last week we turned in our paperwork and the social workers have read it.  Now it is time for the interview.  This is like a 4 hour interview - again going over your life with a fine tooth comb. 

We would love it if you would pray for us.  We are not necessarily nervous (at least not yet!), but just want the Lord's will to be done.  It would be wonderful to be able to complete this hoop quickly so we can get to our little guy as soon as possible. 


  1. The home study is a HUGE step in the process! We found the home study very affirming for us, personally, as it deepened our belief that God had called us into adoption and that we were ready to become parents to our little Ethiopian babies. :)

  2. We're DEFINITELY praying over here! We love you guys!!

  3. praying for you Wendy. To God be the glory.

  4. Todd and Wendy, so excited for you guys! This is my first time on your blog. Touched by your hearts and how God is using you.

    The Body of Christ is so beautiful when we are each serving Him with the unique talents and gifts that He has given each one of us.

    I am blessed by your blog today!
    Jill (& Andy) Lehman