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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Updates

A Joshua Update:

Next week our judge gets back from vacation.  Sooooooo hopefully in the next couple of weeks the judge will look over our court dossier.  We are praying for a court date in June/July.  If we don't get a date in June/July then it will get pushed back until Sept/Oct because the judge is going to take another vacation in August and this one is about 5 weeks long.  It's rough being a judge eh?!

This makes my heart ache. 

**Please pray for us that the judge would look over our dossier with favor and grant us a quick court date.

A Kirill Update -

Remember the family that was told no by the judge?  Next week they will appeal their case in front of the Russian Supreme Court in Moscow.  Unreal.  They need our prayers.   

A Carrington Update -

I haven't shared this story yet because frankly I can hardly wrap my head around this.........  

"Carrington was adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe. She landed in the U.S. on March 17th, 2011, where she was immediately taken to the hospital because of her grave condition. She came home weighing in at 11 pounds and had to fight for her life.  This is what she looked like when her parents picked her up from the orphanage. 

Do you want to guess how old she is..............

3 Years OLD
Today she weighs in at 15lbs 11oz. That is a gain of 1 whole pound since she came home from the hospital and 4 pounds since she arrived in America.
Praise God that with loving parents, good healthy food and excellent medical care she is starting to thrive!!!! 


  1. Praying! Praying!! Praying!!! That Joshua comes home SOON, that Kirril (sp) gets a family & that sweet little girl keeps growing.

  2. thanks for posting all three prayer requests. praying for these dear children and families.