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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had known for a month or longer that our home study agency's license was to expire the middle of April (Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 to be exact).  We found out just recently though....We have to have a current notarized and apostilled copy of the license for our court dossier.  We were told that Joshua's country will not give us a court date with an expired license. 

Ok, no big deal though because our social worker, who I really like, assured us that as soon as the agency had the renewed license in their hands she would get a notarized copy to us.  So I didn't really worry too much about because I thought that the agency would surely have to have their license to function legally.  So logically (to me) they should be getting the new license pretty close to April 13th, right?!  Not so.

On the Monday before the license expired, I got an email from our home study social worker.  bad news.  She had talked with DCFS (who renews the license) and told me this:  Unfortunately, the state of __________ is incredibly understaffed and our DCFS licensing worker believes that there will be a delay in receiving our new license.     

While up front this does not sound like the end of the world, this was REALLY bad news for us.  Delays like this can be weeks or even months.  This little piece of paper could cause some major delays in our adoption.  We have been pushing hard to get a court date because Joshua's country takes a major summer break.  If we don't get our court date before this summer break it may well be Fall before can go get him.  So the sooner we get on a judge's docket the better.  And then again, we don't know how long his orphanage can legally keep him there.  I know they were fine with keeping him for a few months longer but 6+ months or longer?!  My guess is that he would have to be transferred sooner or later.   Oh and get this.........since Joshua's country is a major stickler on having ALL papers be current.  If we get delayed, we would have to update our home study which would then have to be DCFS approved.  YES - full circle back to DCFS who of course is understaffed and to expect more delays.  ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes, it would really unleash some serious complications.

I prayed God would move His mighty hand and help us. Then Todd and I felt strongly that this was the time when we should call our state representatives.  Todd looked up all of the numbers for me and on Tuesday (the day before the license expired) afternoon, I started calling.  Telling any secretary, any live body who would listen to me - of our situation.  I was a little deflated because they all told me they would get back to me later. 

So, Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 dawns..................

I start getting phone calls about mid-morning.  We learn that our home study agency's license is being renewed that very day!  Our prayers are answered.   MY GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!

and there is more................the actual license can take up to week or longer to arrive at the agency.  Remember I need a notarized copy of the license.  It arrived on FRIDAY!!  MY GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!

and there is more................our representative has adopted twice himself and is on an adoption reform committee!! MY GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!

and there is older gentleman called from a different representative's office, and he told me that he has a younger brother with Down syndrome and that he tells everyone that his brother is 'a little piece of heaven on earth'!  MY GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES!!

What an amazing experience this has been to see God's handiwork in this way!!!!

So our little notarized and apostilled license copy is hopefully in Joshua's country now joining the rest of our court dossier!!!!!!!!!  We are waiting to hear if we get a court date mid-to late May.  Please continue to pray for us!!  We cannot wait to bring Joshua home!!


  1. Very awesome, story! Love it! I agree, all is God's doing and He never ceases to amaze me. Praise God! Very cool to see Him work!

  2. GREAT news!!! I am so happy for you guys! Even when we think things are helpless God will find a way, I just wish I would remember this when I am going through the crisis. I will be praying with you that you will be able to get your son before the summer break.

  3. Praise be to God for His provision. Continued prayer for your next step toward bringing sweet Joshua home. ((((((((hugs))))))))

  4. Nothing is too hard for our great God!! Praise His name!!!

  5. Somebody is watching out for little Joshua, that's for sure. Love it, love it!

  6. WOW that is SO awesome!!! Go GOD!

  7. Once again, God has turned a mountain into a mole hill! Praise the Lord!! Praying that you will soon have your court date so you can begin preparing for Trip #2 :)

  8. When will the tears stop! Your post reads like a Psalm, "...My God is a God of miracles!!!" Beauty. There's NOTHING like adoption. I'm quite sure!!!!

  9. Our GOD IS an awesome GOD. Thanks for sharing the extra special miracles along the way.