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Friday, April 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Bittersweet.  That's pretty much how I feel.  Missing him already yet so ready to be home.  I can't wait to see my kids!!  Here are some pictures from our last time together.  We saw him later in the day and he was a little 'antsy'.  He kept trying to escape from our little room to show his friends toys.  He also kept wanting to wash his hands and when he did he got water on his shirt and then wanted to change his shirt.  The first time was an accident the next two times were definitely on purpose.  You should have heard him giggle.  Funny stuff!!

Just Plain Cute!

The flexibility is amazing!

Smart Boy!  Learning sign language so fast!!

Laughing Hysterically

Playing Doctor

He knows he's funny!

Bye Papa!  Bye Mama!
Love you so much little boy!!


  1. thankful you've had such special times together. praying for him to be comforted and assured while you are apart. glad he'll be able to look at the family picture book. it has to be so hard to say "goodbye". praying for all of you. ((((((((hugs))))))))

  2. Oh, he looks like too much fun! Safe travels home.

  3. Man I can't wait to hug that little guy! Praying for your flights...maybe you're home now?! I love you guys so much!