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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personality Plus

We are really enjoying our time here.  We miss our kids at home though.  We are hoping to skype with them again today.  I can't wait.  Our time here with our little guy has been so fun. Some of his personality traits that his caregivers told us about have been fun to see in our playtime together.  Some of the things they mentioned about him were he that is goal-oriented, joyful, funny, happy, and stubborn.  Honestly, we haven't see much of the stubborn yet.  But we are in the great 'honeymoon' phase and we know it.  He really likes building things.  Who would have thought that the markers we brought were the prize toy!!  Not because the color well  but because you can make great towers with them!  

He works very hard to reach a goal.  He will try many different things to get what he wants accomplished.  When we were with his group yesterday he wanted a certain book off the shelf.  He stood on a little chair, pointed and someone would hand him a book.  Well we weren't getting the right book.  He came over to a higher stool and proceeded to carry it over to the bookshelf.  The stool was too high to stand on and we all jumped up to stop him but the point being is that he was going to get the right book.  Even if the rest of us weren't smart enough to figure it out:). 

Here's another example of his determination:

But O What JOY!!when you accomplish the task!!!!


Just some fun pictures......

Having fun together!

Ahhh!! the markers!!!

Some of my favorite pictures from today!

We love you all! 
Praise to God for His Wonderful Gifts!!!!


  1. The family picture is priceless!!

  2. I agree with Tammy, the family picture is adorable!

  3. Oh man. I cannot get enough of his sweet little face and seeing you and Todd loving on your SON! Forever these pictures move me and point be back to the amazing God we love.

  4. We love the pictures - absolutely precious. We especially liked the delight on his face when he caught his fish - what a sense of accomplishment!
    Enjoy your last full day and have fun sightseeing!
    Jeff & Chelby

  5. Wendy, I just love looking at you together. He is so precious.

  6. Thanks to everyone that has posted comments!! I love to read them - it makes my day!

  7. This brings back such memories! Isn't is so wonderful getting to know the spirit behind the picture that you've been staring at all these months? It's just amazing. I'm so happy that you are on your way to bringing him home. Anya has already brought us so much joy!

  8. He is so precious, looks like you guys are having so much fun!!!

  9. Oh Wendy - I have sooo enjoyed these pictures!! Thanks a ton for posting them :). The pic of the 3 of you is just too perfect for words. Praying for your journey home and all of your hearts as you await the day your little guys finally gets to come home!!!

  10. Your little guy is a gift from Jesus! I love the delight on his face when he accomplishes his goal. He will bless our family so much.
    Dad and Mom (Gpa and Gma)

  11. Todd & Wendy! FINALLY I got on your blog... talked to your mom (Todd) today & that was the tipping point! I'm so excited for you guys & have been praying almost daily for your time this week. These pictures & the words you write grab my heart. Praying God's BLESSINGS on you all & anxiously await the day when I get to meet your "little guy"! :) aunt sara