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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Its Way!!

These documents represent the final 2/3 of our dossier (Court Dossier).  Yesterday (Monday) I went to the state capital again and got the final documents apostilled (the fancy gold seal).  Then I copied everything and Todd overnighted it to our agency.  YAY!!!  After our agency checks them over for errors, then they will be sent to our little guy's country.  They will all need to be translated.  Finally, a judge will be assigned to us and he/she will look everything over, probably ask for more documents, then (hopefully!) assign us a court date.  This will take a good month or two.  Which is why I wanted to get this out of our hands and get the ball rolling. 

As my mom said, now I can concentrate on packing!!!!  I can hardly believe that next week at this time, Lord willing, I will be playing with our little guy!!!  So excited!!  We are also hoping that we can get his name figured out once we meet him.  For any of you that know us well, naming our kids has gotten progressively more difficult with each child. 


  1. Can you believe it's so close?!? SO excited for you! I'll also be praying you figure out a name - although, according to what we've heard from Caleb, it seems to be pretty well nailed down ;).

  2. WoW! I can't believe you'll soon have your little guy IN YOUR ARMS. Makes all the paperwork so worth it! Praying for you & loving you from afar.