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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Visit Day 2

Visiting our little guy - Day #2

He is so cute!

Today when we visited we got to visit his playroom and visit with his caregivers.  I was able to ask them questions about his health, likes, dislikes, personality and past history.  It was fascinating and we learned much about him.  I cannot say enough about how impressed we have been with his caregivers.  They truly love and care about him.  E, our coordinator has been interpreting everything for us.  Below we were trying to get a good picture for a passport.  It was hilarious!!  He tried so hard but just was always looking up or down or sideways.
Try #1
Try #2
Try #3
Try #10

Try # 20?!
(not sure we ever got the picture we wanted:)
His caregivers made a card and traced his hand on it. 
He was very proud of it.
Loves to look at books.  They say he really likes animals! 
He should fit right in with our family:)

He is looking at the picture book that we made of our family
that we gave to him. When we came in today he ran over to us and shouted with a loud, "Papa!  Mama!" 
So precious!!!

Peeking into the toy bag!!


  1. tears of JOY!!! He is AMAZING!! and as CUTE AS CAN BE!!!

  2. Oh my word you guys!! He's so precious!! I can't wait to meet him! Praying.
    -Jeremy & Tammy

  3. I know I already said this in an email, but I'm in love with your little guy!! How precious! And what a great idea, to make a book of family pictures!

  4. So so happy for you guys. He is just a doll!!!

  5. he is so cute and looks so happy. thanks for posting so many pictures. thankful you were able to learn more about him thru his caregivers. praying you get some good rest tonight. =)

  6. Ahh...the challenging passport picture (remember it well). How do they expect a little one to hold their head still, look straight ahead, chin not too high & not too low, etc. Oh, I'm falling in love with this little guy from across the ocean. Am loving your posts & pics!

  7. Awww, tears came to my eyes when I read that he came to you saying 'Papa! Mama!'. So sweet. He seems like such a sweet, happy boy!

  8. Maybe not great passport photos but BEAUTIFUL hanging on a wall back home!!!! I love the top photo. He is SOOOO stinkin cute!

  9. Praying all is going well! I showed this post to our kids last night, and they all said, "awww! He's so cute!" :)