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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Unspoken Fear

My unspoken fear happened to another family last night while we were sleeping. 


A judge said no. 

This family seriously needs your prayers.  Pray that an appeal would be possible.  Here's their blog: 


This is a repost from Julia (her blog

Hold them Close

Hold your little ones close those of you who have crossed the waters and brought them safely to this side of the ocean.  Hold them close.  Hold them and pray because today - early this morning - while they slept safe in their beds - clinging to their bears - dreaming dreams of family and love - today - this morning - in a court across the ocean - with a family pleading with every ounce of their being - a judge said no.

She said No.

She thinks that a child with Down Syndrome is better off in an institute instead of with a family. 

She said No.

Against the advice of every single person in the courtroom.

She said No.

No to this little boy whose family has done everything imaginable to go get him. 

He stays. 

Kirill has been denied a family.

Dear friends,

There just are no words right now.

All we can do is get on our knees and pray.

The Davis family needs us.  They desperately need our prayers right now.

There just are no words.

Kirill was the first Down Syndrome adoption to go before this judge. 

She said No.

There are other families waiting in the wings. 

The Hook family faces her in just a few weeks.


The Moreno family is meeting there little one soon too..

Baby J

Hold them close - those of you who have brought your treasures home. 

Hold them.

We live in a fallen, sinful world and sometimes, for a short season, evil triumphs.

But we serve a Loving God and He is Good.

He conquered death and the grave.

In the end - He will prevail.  Love will win.

God will triumph.

Wrongs will be made right. 

Until then... we pray.  We cry out.  We stand strong against the evils of this world.

We fight on.

We do not give up.  And we hold each other up.  Because it hurts when evil wins for a season.

And our brothers and sisters right now are grieving beyond words.

So pray.

Pray for the Davis family, the Hook family and the Moreno family.

Pray for all the little ones in that region.

Pray knowing that God will be glorified in the end. 

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  1. so heart-breaking, praying that this can be resolved