Joshua's Homecoming Video

Monday, April 4, 2011

Processing . . . .

We got home Friday evening around 9:00pm.  Our 3 oldest were still up to welcome us home.  SO GREAT TO BE HOME!!  We were in bed around 10:00pm, which if you know me well is nothing short of a miracle.  I am a night owl.  But we were exhausted.  Saturday morning started like we had never been gone.  The little boys were up by 7 and I don't think they even noticed that we were gone.  They acted like every thing was normal.  I am thankful our kids did so well while we were gone.  And we jumped right back into our lives and roles like we had never left. 

And now I am just trying to process a life-changing event while my life just keeps rolling along as normal.  I don't know if this makes sense or not.  It's just that it almost seemed like a really great dream and I have wonderful memories of it but nothing has physically changed.  And then on the flip side I try to imagine when we really do bring him home and the big changes that really will my post title.....I am just processing and trying to make sense out of it all tonight.  I love that little guy and miss him so much.  


  1. Wendy - I remember the feeling sooo well! Like you just finished an emotional book and need to continue life as normal, but are still thinking about the book. Yet this is reality, not a book. Soon your family will be together. Praise the Lord! Our David's been home 4 months now, and it's already getting hard to remember life before him. Soon you will be saying the same thing!! Keeping you in our prayers!!

  2. Does "Our Little Guy" have a name yet! I realize you might not be able to share it with all of us, but I sure hope it has been decided. Praying that the time between now and his homecoming is short.

  3. We DO have a name!! We will be sharing it soon....:):):)

  4. Praying for your hearts as you process and are apart :)