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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet and Sour

The Sweet

My youngest daughter ( she's 5 yrs. old) says funny things.  All the time.  She isn't trying either.  I am not sure if it has to do with that fact that she was in speech therapy for a while or what.  That and the fact that she tells you exactly what she is thinking.  As my husband says, there is noooo filter. So this combination is hilarious. 

Here are some examples of some words that she has come up with all on her own:

glassable - an item that is breakable

woodable - an item that is not breakable and usually made of wood, of course

a foreache - when your headache hurts in your forehead

that ring dong fing - a doorbell, of course

A great example of the no filter...........

Todd was feeding the baby a bottle early on a Saturday morning. S wanted Todd to read her a book. She found a book and climbed on the chair with Todd as he fed the baby. I decided to video tape them as they were having a special 'bonding' moment together. It was really sweet.  So I start video taping and S in timing so perfect you could never have planned it on purpose says,
 "Dad, your breath is sooooooo gross!" 

The Sour

I love my kids!!  I can't wait to bring our little guy home and integrate him into our family.  I look forward to it so much.  My big worry is that they will transfer him to the older orphanage before we can get there to him and we would not be able to adopt him.  Will you please pray for me/us?  Please pray for peaceful patient hearts.  I know God is in control in my head but my heart still worries over how this is all going to work out. 


  1. praying! your little guy has been on my heart since I saw his little face on RR, I am so glad he found you!

  2. That dichotomy is the exact place Jesus dwells thickest. I have to believe that. Praying for you guys!!

  3. praying for patience in your journey. praying for your little guy and all of you til you are ALL home together. ((hugs))