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Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons.......

My husband went down to tuck our oldest son into bed tonight and he had been reading in his brand new devotional about if life gives you a lemon to make lemonade. As they discussed his recent kidney surgery and how that was a “lemon” they discussed how he could view surgery and the 5 day hospital stay as “lemonade”.  Our son discussed how well the hospital staff took care of him and helped to make him better. And I know that he has learned about how much his family and friends care for him. 
We recently found out that our little guy in Eastern Europe just came through heart surgery (2 weeks ago) over there and my husband asked my son if that helps us to better understand what our little guy went through - especially since he didn’t have Dad or Mom there with him. He replied, “but he will soon!”
Now you who know my oldest will really appreciate this next comment............He went on to say “When I’m President, well.......I should write to the President. We should build a building in Washington that kids with disabilities could live at. Families then could adopt them and not have to pay a lot of money. It would be difficult, but I think that America is up for the challenge. I think that the President should also pass a law that everyone has to donate $20 to help with adoption.”


  1. Love it! Caleb's been in our prayers. So glad he is home and can't wait til your little guy is home too!

  2. Love it! What a kind heart! I always say that if everyone that read our blogs donated a small amount, we would all have what we needed... Just a thought....