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Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Empty Bed

Well, we set up our little guy's bed.  For our dossier, I had to take pictures of the inside and outside of our house.  I asked our placement agency if I should take pictures of the room 'as is' or if I should have the bed set up.  They recommended that I set up the bed - so we did!  We had everything on hand......a toddler bed in the crawl space, toddler bedding that I had pre-bought for my youngest bio boys not knowing I would be using it so soon.  So now we have an adorable empty bed waiting for our dear little son tonight.  I consider it such a privilege to adopt him. 

Oh my - I am ready to bring him home! 


  1. his forever family is ready to welcome him home! praying!!

  2. Whew! I don't know how you're setting it up so early. It's only a matter of weeks until our kids come home and just having Addise's crib empty is brutally lonely.