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Monday, November 8, 2010

A $20 Bill

I was doing laundry last week and I found a rolled up $20 bill on the floor.  I asked my son if it was his.  He said, "Oh! I forgot this was in my pocket!  This was from Timothy (his good friend) help pay for our adoption.  So here - it's for you and dad so you don't have to pay so much." Remember this post..... Click here.

This touched my heart so much.  Thank you Timothy!  We are putting the $20 towards our the adoption of 'Our Little Guy'.

Did you know that the biggest reason that people don't adopt is because of how much it costs?  It is very costly.  Most international adoptions cost an average of $25,000 to $35,000 - not exactly pocket change is it?!  By the way, I am not asking for money for us personally.  I just know it is a struggle for those who do adopt.  It is a sacrifice.  Please consider giving to someone who is adopting or an organization like Lifesong For Orphans that can help give an adopting family grants or loans, I encourage you to do it because.......... 

"We can't change the whole world,
but we can change the world for one child”

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