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Monday, November 15, 2010

Make A Difference This Year

Something near and dear to my heart are child sponsorship programs.  In the past, I had never ever given them serious thought until I became personally involved in my church's own child sponsorship program.  What I found has touched my heart deeply and changed my view of these 'brush off' programs dramatically.  You see.......these programs are an amazing resource for the church (you and me) to help the orphan and vulnerable children break the powerful cycle of poverty.  Indeed, through these programs you and I can help give these children 'a hope and a future' through knowing Jesus Christ! This video is the testimony of a once-sponsored child.  I am going to beg you to watch the video.....I think you will understand why when you are done watching it. 


If you do not sponsor a child yet, please consider doing this.  You can make an amazing difference in a child's life.  And if you do sponsor a child, there is no rule that you have to sponsor just one.  In fact, if you have the means, you can even sponsor entire schools.

If you want to sponsor a child through AC Child Sponsorship Click Here.  AC Child Sponsorship sponsors children in Haiti, Jamaica, Guatemala, Mexico and are just starting to sponsor children in Zambia, Africa! 

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  1. I sponsor a child through Compassion International and just love it! It is so amazing that my boy gets to get an education and learn all about God's love through these programs. Thanks for posting!