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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prayer Requests

Before I share anymore of our adoption journey, I wanted to tell you about some of my family and friends who need your prayers today.

Todd's cousin April and husband Brian -Their blog is Plan A Ethiopia - They were supposed to leave Christmas Day to pick up their 2 beautiful children.  They found out a few days ago that the Embassy wants more information and documentation and they may not get to go.  Please Pray that they can still leave on Christmas Day!  They have their tickets bought and are ready to go. 

Friends - Jed and Vicki - Their blog is Nima Jade - Days before they left to go pick up Nima in August, the US gov't shut down adoptions in Nepal.  Since they were so close to picking her up, they are supposed to still get to adopt Nima BUT they have to prove she is a true orphan (hiring a private investigator).  So Vicki has had to stay in Nepal with Nima for months while Jed is back in the states working.  This has caused great financial strain as you can imagine. 

Ukraine Adoptions - A vote is being taken today to see if Ukraine will become part of the Hague convention.  While this in itself is a good thing - because it will means that Ukraine will have higher adoption standards.  The bad news is that any ongoing adoption that is currently going on, no matter where they are in the process, will stop.  Completely stop.  There are many Reece's Rainbow families that adopt in Ukraine, some are so close to bringing these children home.  Please Pray that the Ukraine government will allow these adoptions to continue.  Some of these children live in horrible living conditions and some have major medical needs.  These families need your prayers!


  1. Tears (many)...thank you so much for using your blog to petition prayers for our family!

  2. You can help Nima and the other kiddos get home here: