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Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, I'm back from my Christmas break from posting:)  We've had such a nice Christmas.  Our kids are in such a fun season of life for Christmas.  BUT it is crazy busy.  CRAZY!!!   We are blessed to have all of our immediate families and most of our extended families within a 20 minute radius.  Within a 10 day span we had 7 family get- togethers, +1 birthday party, +1 soccor game and for the first time ever our own little family Christmas (for the past 12 years there wasn't even an open day for our own)!  So for 10 days we have been running hard!!  We, thanks to my husband, even had a spreadsheet that reminded us what food, presents and games needed to be brought to each place.  And in the middle of all of this, I squeezed in a run to our state capitol to get some adoption papers apostilled. My mind has been absolutely spinning!  Last night we had our last get-together and when we got home, everything was put on the living room floor and then we all crashed and went to bed. This morning I practically had to wade through the toys, empty boxes, pack n play, diaper bags - you name it, it was on our floor!  So after a day of slowly getting our house back under control, I felt I could finally sit down to post an update. 
So I will try to update you........ 

April and Brian - It was/is so hard but they did not get their travel date on Christmas. So first of all, I guess I would ask you to pray for them because they are hurting right now.  Can you imagine the disappointment?  Please pray for them.

Jed and Vicki - Jed surprised Vicki by arriving in Nepal early for Christmas.  Hopefully, they will hear in the next 2 weeks if they can go home.  Please pray that they could come home as a family in January.

Ukraine - The vote was postponed until January sometime.  This is a big deal vote.  It affects many Reece's Rainbow families. 

Our Adoption - I have a story for you that deserves it's own post.  Maybe tomorrow.  For tonight I need to close.


  1. Help bring Jed and Vicki's daughter and the other stranded Nepali adoptees home now:

  2. Thanks for the update. Instant tears when I saw that you mentioned us again. Today would've been our Embassy date. ugh.

    Can't wait to hear about your adoption update!!!