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Friday, January 21, 2011

Stuck in the '80's

I am embarrassed to say that I was 'stuck' in the '80's with my knowledge on this subject until a couple of months ago.  This video is not only very informative but is hilarious!!

What about you?!  Are you stuck in the '80's too??

Check out Project Hopeful if you have a chance!
Look at these very REAL and BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN..........


  1. well done. info to get us out of the 80's.

    "Dude, the 80's are over."

  2. That was beautiful! Another great resource on this subject is a movie put out by Hallmark Hall of Fame. The title is "A Place for Annie" It came out in the 90's and was only released on VHS so you will want to look on Amazon or the library. It is a beautiful movie about a lady who adopts a beautiful baby girl with HIV. Amazon has the VHS available for a very low price. They do advertise a DVD, but it is region 2 and will not play on DVD players made in the US. The movie is rated PG--there are no bedroom scenes, but you will want to preview it before showing it to children. Warning--you will want to keep some Kleenex handy--the baby lives--but her birthmother does eventually pass away. Even so, it is such a good film and I highly recommend it.

  3. Thanks for helping spread AWARENESS!