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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ups and Downs

The Ups!

Jed and Vicki - THEY ARE COMING HOME!!!  Jed flew home yesterday.  Today, Vicki received word that Nima got her visa!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully Vicki and Nima will be home by this weekend!  Click here to check their blog for updates.

Brian and April - THEY ARE IN ETHIOPIA!!!  They have Addise and Judah and will hopefully also be home within a week!!!  Click here to check for updates on their blog.

Ukraine - The Vote has been delayed even longer.  I heard that even if they do vote on adopting the Hague treaty (which is a good thing) that it would not affect current adoptions now.  That is GREAT news!!  There are many Reece's Rainbow families adopting in Ukraine right now. 

The Downs

Our adoption got pushed back a month:( .  Quite disappointed about this.......but this is obviously the norm in most adoptions.  I guess the officials (in our little guys home country) take the month of January off.  January is Christmas for the rest of the world.  So they won't be processing our paperwork until February.  I made sure to ask if this will change our little guys status of whether he gets to stay at the Baby Home or if he will be sent to the institution.  As far we know, it should not change his status. We will probably be making our first visit in March (instead of February).  So we continue to pray for him.  


  1. I remember being so upset by our delay for our first trip. But that time of waiting ended up being a huge blessing for me and my husband both. Time does amazing things for the soul. You'll look back at this delay in the same way, I think. God's timing is always perfect.

  2. thankful for the progress for jed & vicki and brian & april and families adopting from the ukraine. rejoicing for their "ups" and the blessing they experienced thru the tough times of waiting. prayers for them as they bond and travel with their little ones.

    praying for your little guy, praying for your mommy, daddy & sibling hearts as you wait on God's timing, His open door. i appreciate heather's comment and intro to her family's blog.

    Love you all, ((hugs)) and prayers,

  3. After talking wiht you at the Potluck Pizza Party, I was thrilled to find access to your blog. Sorry to hear that your adoption got pushed back.