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Monday, January 17, 2011

When You Give a Wife a Green Light

 Nesting:  The strong desire to (insanely) clean,  (obsessively) organize and (perfectly) redo things to get ready for a new child. 

I am so nesting right now.  That is why I have been away from blogging so long.  And it's all the dishwasher's fault. is!!  Last September, our dishwasher was leaking under our tile floor in our kitchen.  It started cracking so bad that it had to be replaced.  (The guys giving estimates on the floor made comments like, "This is some of the worst cracking I have seen in a loooong time" and "This is dangerous.") Well here is where the nesting comes know the children's book, When You Give a Mouse a Cookie?!?! 

We are going to call our version:
 When You Give a Wife a Green Light. 

When you give a Wife A Green Light,
She says it is time for a new kitchen floor!!

When the new kitchen floor comes,
She says the old baseboard has got to go. 

After the new baseboard is put in,
She decides the entire main floor needs to be repainted.

As the main floor is being repainted,
She decides that all the woodwork needs to be repainted too.

So from now on a Husband who gave his Wife a Green Light,
will think very cautiously before he does such a thing again!!!!!!!!!

Painting the Living Room/Dining Room and all the Woodwork

It has to get Worse before it gets better, Right?!?!


  1. We call that "Scope Creep" at our house!

  2. Remind me to NOT let my husband talk to your husband while I try to talk him into a main floor laundry ;)

  3. Wendy, you just took nesting to a whole 'nother level! :) Great job, though!!