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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moving Right Along

Since January was like hitting the 'pause' button on our adoption, we were hoping that February would be more like 'play' and start picking up.........and ....well it has!!!  We found out yesterday, that our Registration Application (first 1/3 of our dossier) has been officially submitted!  We should find out in the next 2 weeks what our first travel date is! 
We also found out that our little guy is still officially at the baby home and that the staff is looking forward to our visit!!  YAY!!!  I can't wait!! 

We also got our Immigration fingerprinting done before the blizzard broke loose!!!  We are just waiting for one more piece of paperwork (that has to do with these fingerprints) and the last 2/3 of our dossier will be completed.!!


  1. thanking God for the progress you've seen in the last few days. so wonderful you were able to get the fingerprinting done BEFORE the 2011 blizzard. and it's sooooo wonderful that your little guy is still in his baby home. thank you Lord!

  2. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about your travel date. In the meantime, praying for your little guy and your family to be prepared to love him forever.

  3. WOW!! Play is right!! How awesome!

  4. Praise God! I am so thankful you are "playing" again.