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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fingerprint Prayer Request

It arrives at your mailbox in a tiny unassuming little envelope:

The Golden Ticket 
aka: I-171H (USCIS approval)  

But while the envelope may be small and unassuming it holds a really really important paper.   It is the U.S. government's approval to us (international adoptive parents) to adopt.  Specifically, for those of you who are interested, approval from the Department of Homeland Security's -  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Without this tiny little piece of paper our adoption cannot be completed.  And like everything in adoption, there are a number of steps involved in getting this approval. 

Step 1:  Fill out important 1-600a (some people fill out I-800(a?) instead......I think it depends on the country) and send it in with  an official form of identification, a large fee and a copy of our homestudy.  Then wait while the USCIS office process and I assume approves it. 

Step 2:  The USCIS office assigns you a date and location to be fingerprinted.  Your electronic fingerprints are sent (somewhere) for approval.  Then you wait again.

Step 3:  Receive The Golden Ticket in mail!!!

So I found out a few days ago that my Immigration fingerprints were rejected.  sigh.  sigh. sigh.  We've been waiting for The Golden Ticket in the mail.  Instead, a rejection notice.  

The USCIS office assigned me another time and date about 3 weeks from now.  Problem is is that I am going to be needing The Golden Ticket pretty soon.  We are supposed to send The Golden Ticket in our Court Dossier (the final 2/3 of our dossier) either right before we leave for our first trip (March 26th - April 1st) or soon after we return home.  

SO  I am going to attempt a walk-in fingerprinting appointment this coming Monday morning.  I am going to get up early and drive 21/2 hours away and plead with them to let me get my fingerprints redone.   This particular office is notorious for turning away walk-ins.  Thankfully I know someone who recently walked in to this office and was able to get it completed.   

Please pray for me on Monday morning.


  1. Many Prayers, Wendy!

    Can you also involve your congressperson/senator/mayor/the president's wife SOMEONE to help your cause?



  2. I'll be praying!! And I just heard the chess news - way to go Caleb! ;)

  3. Oh, Wendy! I'm so sorry to hear this... we will definitely be praying!!!

  4. Oh Wendy ... I know exactly which office you are going to!!!!!!!! I had to go there after we adopted Laura & Logan because of a glitch with his "permanent resident" paperwork (which you had to do in 2000 but no longer ... thank goodness!!!!)

    It was quite an experience!!! There was an "angel in disguise" there helping us that day!!!!! I will pray that there is one for you, too, on Monday!!!!!!!


  5. Praying for you all morning that you will get those fingerprints today!