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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel Date!!!!!!!

We found out this morning that we got our (1st Trip) travel dates!!!!  We will leave March 26th and return April 1st.  So in little over a month, Lord willing, we will get to meet our little guy!!!!!!  This first trip's purpose is to meet him and then officially declare in his country that we would like to adopt him. 

Praise God!!  We are picking up momentum again!!!  Please keep praying for us!!  Todd and I are not big international travelers so this is big stuff.  



  1. Todd & Wendy,

    That is SO exciting! I'm thankful to hear that you have some actual travel dates!
    Let me know if I can help you with anything!
    We will keep you in our thoughts & prayers.

    Jim & Rachel

  2. Happy happy joy joy!! When would the next travel date be to bring him home!?!? :)

  3. Woohoo!!!! What a total answer to prayer!! We are so thankful for this wonderful news :)

    We continue praying for you and "your little guy" ~ we love you all :)

  4. rejoicing and thanking God for your good news. so thankful that you have your first travel dates.
    love & prayers,

  5. Wow wow wow!! How exciting! SO glad you have a date :) We'll keep praying for you & your trip.