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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guess who got his glasses?!?!

 Look at my handsome boy! 
Just got them on Saturday and he is wearing them like a champ.  He did NOT like them at first and it was a bit of a battle but he is quickly finding out how nice it is to really see!! 

(These are some pre-glasses pictures.)  I know I've said it before.....but this just amazes me.  (mostly because I have always been quite inflexible my whole life and this just looks painful to me.)  Funniest flexible moment has to go to the time when he was sitting in a chair (in time out) and was crying big ole alligator tears and wiping his tears with his toes. 

 Not to be outdone by big sister........

or little brother...........

So Joshua cannot wait to ride the bus to school.  The poor fellow absolutely weeps when the buses leave our driveway.  We are waiting to have his IEP meeting before he can start school, THEN he will get to ride the bus.  So since he doesn't get to go to school right now, he pretends (on and off for a good portion of the day) that he is getting ready to get on the bus.  So below, is how he imagines he is going to look going to school.  Dad's socks, Caleb's shoes, Tori's jacket, somebody's poncho in a bag, Savannah's water bottle that she left at home that day............... 

He was trying so hard to smile for the camera too..........just check out all the cute faces he makes. 

Jesse had to join in and try to smile for the camera too.....

 Joshua made a new friend this weekend who happened to have an extra chromosome too AND also shares a mutual love of Barney!  Soo cute!! 


  Last but not least......playing in our little kiddie pool. 
 Joshua and Colt had the most fun of the summer playing in this little pool right here on our driveway.


Colt's turn!

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  1. i'm so thrilled that joshua has his glasses and can see! it's wonderful that he left them on long enough to see that they make a difference. love all the other weekend activity too. ((hugs))
    ps will be a thrilling day when he can step onto the school bus.
    pss then jesse will be crying to ride.