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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Things I am learning:

Things I am learning: 

1) Don't take 6 kids to a doctor appt.  Ever. Again. Especially when it ends up lasting around 2hrs........ I really should know better. 
2) I am more productive with my time nowadays.  But then maybe it because I haven't had to make supper lately (thanks everyone!!) ...................   
3) If Joshua signs he needs to go potty - believe him.  Even if you think he just went........ 
4) Joshua doesn't like wet clothes.
5) If you see a pile of wet clothes on the floor it means you have naked child somewhere in your house. 
6) Joshua loves bath time. 
7) Sometimes you find the naked child sitting in a dry bathtub just waiting for you to find him.  ha ha. 
8) My dishes have been done and put away more consistently the past 2 weeks than in any other time in my life. 
9) The honeymoon period for my kids towards Joshua is OVER.  He is one of the tribe now.  "Joshuaaaa, no!!  Mommm!  Please come and get Joshua!!  Oh no!  He sat on my fort!!!!" 
10) Joshua loves to 'play' the piano and 'sing'.  Precious.
11) I LOVE to be on the receiving end of the endless hugs and kisses. 
12) Church went OK.  Actually, during the church services he was very good.  We eat lunch at my church.  He loved that.  The problem is the walking around and meeting other people in a large open room that opens up to other rooms.  For some odd reason, he didn't want to stay by my side and act like a perfect angel.  What's with that?!  
13) Joshua has a smile that melts my after day.  I am blessed!!!

My little boys

I shouldn't be amazed at his flexibility
but everytime I see him do something like this.......
I am. 

Pretend feeding his doll. 

Pretend feeding himself and the doll. 

Check out this cake from the Brock's!! 
Thank you soo much!!  So special!!

My kids all sporting their St. Petersburg t-shirts 

This was just too cute..... 
Joshua trying on daddy's pants and
checking himself out in the mirror. 

My fish


  1. Love the pictures! Favorite one has to be the pants one :)

  2. Wendy, he is the most darling little boy!!! Love the pictures and the updates.

  3. What an adorable bunch of kids, and he fits right in. All the things you described that he does, Anya does, too! The part that was exactly the same was church. She's so good as long as she has a place to sit or an organized class, but when church is over and we are walking through the halls with all the people, we have to hold her because she runs off! AHHHH! We just got her an ID bracelet because she's fast!

  4. loved reading your update! the pictures are so cute. thanks for sharing the things you are learning (i especially grin when i think of items 3-7). glad joshua loves bathtime. =)

  5. This post made me cry, Wendy! Perhaps b/c I've been missing you like crazy lately or maybe it's because of the amazing joy I see as God works thru you to love on your sweet, sweet family. #5 on the list is definitely my favorite :) Hugs to all of you!

  6. Love the picture of Joshua trying on Daddy's pants. :) So precious!