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Monday, August 22, 2011

A little catch up

I am SOOOO behind!  Yikes!!  These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.  We went to a little local zoo.  It was great!  Joshua loved the animals but wasn't so sure what he thought of getting too close to them in the petting zoo.  It was cute. 

Just a little catch up.  We are doing great!  Joshua is super busy but equally super loving.  I absolutely enjoy him.  He had his school evaluations and was pretty much a little terror.  The school officials, I am sure, think I am pretty much crazy.  Oh well...... he will win them over in the long run!!!.  We love him so much.

He is still not saying very many English words.  He is picking up new sign language signs every few days.  He is quite bright.      

He is going to be getting glasses!!  Found out that his it VERY nearsighted!!  -7 in one eye and -8 in the other.   I am very excited to see his whole world open up to him. 

Here are the pictures.....

Joshua looking a little worried in the petting zoo.
 The pig is coming toward the kids
 and Joshua is trying to hold it together.

 Joshua finally got up the courage to touch the goat.
 The boys LOVED the carousel.  Joshua did not want to get off.
It turned into a tantrum.  Oy!! (Russian for Oh my!) 
 Thankfully he did not grab this bird.......

 I give up with trying to get a good picture of all of them.  Between
turned heads, goofy smiles and shut's hopeless.

These are a little better except for the fact that
I left out the tiger they were sitting on which was
the reason I took the picture.  oh well.

 We have a kid's 4 wheeler.  It has been such a
hoot watching the older kids give rides to the little ones.
It also has been such a lesson in taking turns and sharing.
The 3 little boys have had their share of tears and
long-suffering waiting for their turn. 

 Joshua waiting on the driveway for his turn. 
By the way, that is not Savannah's bike she is riding.
Just plain cute.  Both of them:)

 Now onto bike rides.....we have bike trails nearby us. 
We have been trying to figure out how
to take a bike ride with all six kids. 


 The only problem is that usually the 2 littlest boys ride
in the bike trailer.  So we needed to figure out another
way for Joshua to ride with us. 
The solution.  Check this out.  I don't even know
what it is called.  But it is so great that we can still
go on bike rides with the whole family!  Love this!


And a just because picture......
My husband multitasking......isn't that awesome?!

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  1. So cute!! I love the picture of Todd mowing with Jesse! So adorable!