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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Caught Up

I am behind blog posting for sure!  We have had some very busy days.  Joshua had his first doctor appointment on Wednesday.  Whew!!  Appointment, bloodwork, urine and stool samples.  I am grateful that the doctor is being thorough in checking out his health.  In the future, he will get to see some specialists for his heart, tonsils, vision, etc.  I am very interested to see how it all turns out.  Overall, he is pretty healthy so I am thankful.  
Last weekend was good.  We took some trial runs at grocery stores, Walmart and a picnic (we'll try church next week:)).  On Monday, I took all six to the swimming pool late in the afternoon.  It was so much fun watching Joshua.  He had the time of his life (we stayed in the fenced in baby pool area the entire time)!!!  I had to sit him in time out a couple of times when he would get too excited and push someone.  But overall it was a great success.  It's a great joy to watch him have his firsts. 

We have a few moments now and again where we have to work over, through and around the communication barrier.  And again, going to public places continues to be a challenge but I think it all looks like a big playground to him!!  But I am finding that when he understands what is going on, he usually is cooperative.  Life is busy for sure and my laundry is multiplying exponentially.  We go through food amazingly fast.  But I don't mind.  Not one bit:)  I am enjoying my sunshine boy very much!!  I feel so very blessed to be home safe and sound surrounded by my children and Todd at my side again.    

I haven't taken very many pictures lately but here are a few:

Brothers wearing their new hats.

Reading books

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