Joshua's Homecoming Video

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 3 - Orphanage Visit

I had to sign some papers at the orphanage today so we were able to fit in an extra visit to the orphanage.  Such a special moment to bring my mom and dad along to meet Joshua and visit his orphanage.  Todd and I had left Joshua a little book with our family's pictures in it.  When we arrived he was holding it (the caregivers are pretty smart), he immediately flipped through the book and pointed to Todd.  He missed him!!   Then we found the picture of Grandpa and Grandma and watched him make the connection between book and the real people standing in front of him.  It was great.   

Here are some pictures from yesterday (Wednesday):   

Joshua and Grandpa!

Grandpa was swarmed by the kids.

He's pointing at my dad's picture and looking at his face.  Priceless.

Look at this cutie.......
I believe he is on RR and available for adoption
contact me if you would like more information

Busy Busy Boy!!

Playing in the Sandbox

Playing outside

Baby Yana - They let me hold her!!!

I love this picture.....he's being ornery and the caregiver
is giving him a look that said, "you are sooooo lucky that your
mom and grandparents are watching this right now......"

his little crib 

Yana in her crib...same room as fact
there are about 10 cribs in this room. 

Sweet Sweet Boy in Joshua's Groupa.........

Another sweet boy in Joshua's groupa - he's super bright and seems to be typically developing.  Last time Todd and I visited Joshua, this little boy slipped his hand into Todd's, looked up at him and said, "Papa?"  Break my heart!

Scarfing down lunch!!  Very good eaters!!!

Another sweet boy in Joshua's guess is that he has cerebral palsy.
He needs a family too.

Getting a haircut!!!

Getting all spruced up for GOTCHA DAY on Friday!!!


  1. oh it breaks my heart that little boy grabbed hands and said pappa! big hugs for your heart whilst out there! your boy is so adorable! xxx

  2. well that post sure brought the tears. so excited & thankful for joshua .... and praying for the many other little darlings longing and needing mamas and papas too.

  3. I can't get over the picture connection with your dad. PRICELESS! I'm SO happy that your parents get to see Joshua's birth country and where he's been living. That's an amazing gift and worth so much in his story!

  4. Awww! What a sweetie! Praying for all you guys, Todd, Wendy, kiddos, Ted and Cindy. Love you all.
    -Jeremy & Tammy

  5. This is an amazing journey! Such precious children. A real tear jerker when one of the little boy's slipped his hand in Todd's and asked Papa? Joshua is going to be lots of fun. How neat that he saw Ted's picture and then pointed to him. Smart little guy! Love you!
    Dad and Mom Sauder