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Monday, July 18, 2011

Moscow Adventures

We arrived in Moscow yesterday!!  I am having technical difficulties with my camera and it won't load yesterday's pictures of the train ride. 

Before we left St. Petersburg yesterday, we were able to meet with another couple, Adriana and Todd who are adopting through Reece's Rainbow (can't load this pic either!).  Another wonderful family - such a highlight to meet these families that are going through many of the same experiences. 

 Yesterday, was quite a day.  Joshua was a little ornery monkey on the 4 hour train ride.  I am wishing I brought a dvd player instead of my ipad because he continually pushes the main button on the ipad and turns off the current program.  Then, he wants me to turn it back on.  Seriously - if anybody wants to invent a cover for the ipad that is kid proof, I will buy it in a heartbeat!!!!!!

We arrived in Moscow in the pouring rain.  At our apartment, with a very quick introduction, schedule and strict orders not to open the door for anyone (because Moscow is a dangerous city), our coordinator and apt. manager left.  My mom, dad and I kind of just looked at each in shock.  Then I tried to get on the internet and found out that it was not working.  We were out of water and were hungry so we decided to venture out and find a cafe that had wifi.  This was about the time that I lost it.  The internet connection was such a blow because that was my main connection with Todd and the kids.  Not being able to skype with them was just too much.  I called Todd in tears from the cafe.  Todd was able to then email the apartment manager and let him know that our internet wasn't working.  No blogging for me last night.  I needed a good night's sleep.

This morning at 6:30am. a medical doctor came and checked out Joshua.  Very interesting.  He didn't tell me anything new except that it looked like he has ricketts (bowed legs and flat feet) which is a vitamin D defiency.  It's nothing contagious but it means he needs to get out in the sunshine.  Sunshine here we come!!  This boy loves the water.  I am hoping we can go to the pool.  I think once he gets over the shock and overstimulation of the kiddie pool, he will probably think he is in heaven. 

The apartment manager stopped by and was able to get the wifi up and running!!  Yay!!!  So happy about this!!! 

Joshua has really been warming up to us.  Lots more interaction, hugs and kisses.  We had a really great day with him today.  I've noticed that when we keep him in directed activities he does not get into near as much mischief.  

He ate bread and oatmeal for breakfast.  I can't even really explain to you how cute he is when he is eating.  He's so happy when he is eating.  He gives such big smiles and then is extremely quiet and intent.  He is an absolute angel when he eats.  It really cracks us up.  Here are some pictures eating a snack of plain yogurt.  My mom and I were sure it was sour cream and not yogurt but he ate it anyways. 


This afternoon we went on a tour of Moscow.  Personally, it is not nearly as pretty as St. Petersburg but historically is very interesting. 

This is St. Basil's Cathedral. Absolutely Amazing!


Red Square

Lenin's Tomb

Of course we had to try out one of the largest McDonald's in the world.  I think in the Morton McDonald's we have 4-6 cash registers to order from.  This one has over 26 and there were people at every single one!!  Joshua enjoyed every last bite of his McNuggets and french fries.  He was excellent for the whole tour.  

Here's my dad and Vlad.  Vlad was an awesome tour guide. 
We really enjoyed talking to him.

Grandma and Joshua.  We don't have a tub here but Grandma let him play in the bottom of the shower.  He loved every minute of it!!

Love this picture of him!

This was so cute!  He was taking the car playmat and turning it into a cape.  Then he would bow like he was a king.  Just darling.  

So tomorrow we are going to try and get his visa.  We are hoping to expedite the process.  If it works out we will get to come home 2 DAYS EARLY!!!   This would be so wonderful!!  Please continue to pray for our safety and travels. 


  1. He is so darling Wendy! To see the world through the eyes of this precious child must be so rewarding! I am so glad that your mom and dad are getting to share this experience with you. It will make precious and lasting memories for everyone I am sure. Blessings as you continue on your journey.

  2. Wow!! That would be awesome! We'll be praying that visas go quickly & that Gid protects you in Moscow.

  3. Hi Wendy!
    I have been GLUED to your blogs! I just love them! You are such a good writer, and I feel like we are taking the steps with you if only by internet. Your pictures are fantastic, and I simply cannot wait to hear your dad tell of all that he has seen! It sounds like mom and dad have been good traveling companions. Look forward to your arrival home no matter when it is. Am praying for, and missing/loving you during your journey.

    Kathy K.

  4. thankful that you are getting more acquainted with joshua. he's such a cutie! your description of him eating makes me grin. =) glad you were able to do a tour today and that joshua enjoyed it too. continued prayers as you prepare to come home.
    love, prayers & ((hugs))

  5. What a handsome young man you have! So happy that things are moving smoothly for you and the pictures are lovely! Praying for a safe and speedy trip home.

  6. Oh man Wendy, that would be so awesome to have you come home Wednesday!!! We're praying! LOVED the pictures of Joshua in the cape. So cute! I can't wait to give him a big hug and kiss from his aunt Tammy! Can't wait to see you guys! Love ya!