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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Real Deal.......

 Well remember I said last night Joshua did not fall asleep until midnight.  Here's the cute boy trying to make sense out of these beds that you can get out of.  Hmmm.....  no wonder they kept him in a crib til he was 5 1/2 years old. 
(Should be interesting transitioning him to a toddler bed :) 

So today kind of had some good parts and some, well, I will just be real here, harder parts to it.  So after staying up terribly late, he slept in until 11am.  So much for keeping him on the orphanage schedule......we are not even close!   
So we went down and ate breakfast.  Again, he eats like a champ!!!   He's very good using his utensils and wipes his little mouth after he's done.  He's been very well-trained.  But alas, I am sure that his orphanage meals have all been very very bland up until now.  And his little stomach is just trying to figure it all out.  That and his mommy doesn't know what all his facial expressions and sounds mean just yet.  He tried to tell me and I just wasn't quick enough.  The squirts.  Yep.  But Mommy is a quick learner though, in just a couple of hours, had it figured out. 
Since he LOVED his bath last night, each time we would go into the bathroom he would try to climb into the tub.  Fully dressed.  Nope. Sorry.  Remember last night you were a wild child in the bathtub?!  One bath a day is good enough for this momma!
It was rainy today so we were pretty much stuck in the hotel room.  This was where the hardest part of the day was.  I tried to lay him down for a nap and of course that was a failure.  So we tried to entertain him for much of the day.  He's pretty smart and he kept going after my computer, ipad, camera and cords (the few items on the trips that I would CROAK over getting broken).   He just got kind of wild (throwing toys down, etc).  He was certainly pushing boundaries. We decided to go for a walk - rain or shine.  We needed to get out of this hotel room!
Now, as a side note, I am not sharing this because I am regretful or scared or that I want you to feel sorry for me.  no. no. no.  I am trying to be real here.  I have never for one second expected this adoption to be always be a cake walk.  But I want you to understand that these are the moments when Joshua needs me most to be his mommy.  To give show him those boundaries and to show him what is good and acceptable.  To show him love and to give hugs and kisses meant just for him.  Because I love him just the way he is.  He needs me.  From the day we committed to him, God has given me such a peace that I have never looked back once wondering if this was the right thing to do. I firmly believe that while his orphanage was a really nice one, there is no substitute for a family.
Whew! that was quite a back to our day.  Well, once we headed out for supper, things started going better.  We went to a Chinese restaurant.  Delicious and Beautiful!  Joshua was very well behaved.  Then we went for a long walk and even stopped at a playground. 

He gave me my first unsolicited kiss which made most of the hard part
of the day seem paltry and no big deal at all.  Love this little boy!!

Walking along the Bay of Finland
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Grandma was brave enough to try to give him his bath tonight.  When it was all said and done, she seemed a little wet and Joshua was clean and happy.

Here's Joshua watching Baby Signing Times... love this video! 

Bedtime Snack - Bread and Water - He loved it!

"Hi, Grandma!"

 Tonight he went to sleep by 10:00pm and never got out of bed,
so I will call that a great success!! 

Tomorrow we head Moscow by train.  It's sure to be an adventure!!  Love you all and have enjoyed every single comment here on the blog and on facebook.
 Keep praying for safe travels!!!!

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  1. oh those pictures of him asleep are priceless! i am so pleased you are posting about the ups and the downs, it is how it always is with kiddies, even those who have just been 'saved'! your approach that in the difficult times he needs you most to be his mummy is utterly wonderful and should bring you peace! what an awesome lady and mummy you are! my eldest has smith magenis syndrome and believe me i know about needing this attitude to keep my peace. i am loving hearing about your journey and seeing your beautiful boy, so i am thrilled you have enjoyed the comments back! much love and enjoy the train adventure xxx

  2. So glad to read about these last few days as a "new" momma!! I found your blog through RR and your little guy reminds me so much of my own special 5 year old. That spunk, that cute but cunning look in his eye - I love it!! I'm so excited for the life you will have with him - our Grant has brought such a unique joy to our family. Thanks for these updates and telling us what the first few days are like!!

  3. What a champ! Love the pictures of him sleeping :) May God bless the rest of your travels!

  4. I LOVE the last picture of him peacefully sleeping! A-DOR-able! And so true--no parenting job is easy as cake!!! So many ups and downs but we never look back and wish they were not ours!

  5. Oh wow. What a sweetie! I love the picture of him giving you a kiss. :) Got to hang out with the kiddos and Todd last night. So fun! Todd shared your guys' testimony of getting Joshua. So good. Love you!