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Friday, July 15, 2011



We spent the morning picking up Joshua's passport. E, our Russian coordinator, suggested we let him eat lunch and take his nap. We came back to our hotel and took naps too! We arrived at about 4pm. When you adopt a child from an orphanage the child does not get to leave with any of his clothing. So I brought shirts, pants, underwear, socks and shoes. Then he went and showed off his new clothes to the caretakers in the other room. You could tell he was proud and did a little showing off. He then decided after a few minutes that he wanted his old clothes back on and started taking his clothes off!! This boy knows what he wants:):)!!


This was the showing off part - his crashed the tent with a couple of other kids inside!

Saying goodbye to a caregiver who wasn't at work today. 

Right after this, I wanted to get a picture of Joshua and his caretakers together.  Well he would have none of this.  It was time to go!!  He threw a tantrum and would not cooperate at all.  They tried giving him a sucker to bribe for the pictures.  But alas, this did not work either.  He took off for the elevator.

He's on the move!  Heading for the door!

Another failed attempt at getting a good picture.  All I can say is that I tried.

I could tell that he does not get to ride in a car very often.  He quietly watched in fascination.


When we got to the hotel room, you could tell he was a little nervous.  So it was time to break out the toys!!

Here he discovered that this was going to be his bed.

A play telephone - an international favorite toy.

First supper with us.  We ordered some pasta with cheese, pizza and applesauce.  He ate EVERYTHING I put in front of him!!   My little guy likes his food!


Bathtime!! Oh my goodness does he LOVE playing in the water!!! At his orphanage, on a different floor there was good sized shallow swimming pool/bath that they got to play in/take their evening bath in daily.  He was a wild child!!  He was not happy with me when I got him out.


In his nice new jammies and combing his hair.

Watching a cartoon on the ipad with Grandma. 

We were able to skype with Todd and the kids so that was awesome!  It was so good to introduce the kids to each other.  When he saw Todd he kept saying 'papa' and waving. 

He was getting a little wound up so we decided that he must be tired.  We put him to bed around 8:30pm.  He had such a hard time falling asleep!  He stayed in bed but was all over the place.  He let me tickle his back a little bit and let me hold him and sing songs to him.  I loved that.  He finally crashed at midnight.  I am hoping that he sleeps in tomorrow!!  

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are just going to hang out here, getting to know each other.  Sunday afternoon we leave for Moscow.  I am soooo ready to come home.  When I am busy I feel fine but when I start thinking about Todd and the kids back home, the waves of homesickness really hit me. 

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  1. how wonderful! wishing you a safe journey home xx

  2. Congrats!!! So excited for you guys!!!

  3. Tears of JOY! He's almost home!!!!

  4. Wendy ~ I just love the pictures you have posted! And how neat that your M&D are there with you since Todd couldn't come. I'm looking forward to meeting Joshua and hope you have a good trip home with him. It is just incredible to think that you and Andy are across the world to bring new members of your family home on the SAME DAY! Incredible. Love you all! Laura

  5. I'm so happy for you and for Joshua! All of the pictures were just so wonderful to see him so excited!

  6. Our family is following your journey with much interest and prayer. These special kids are so dear to our heart and bring back so many precious memories. Our sister spent a number of years in Russia and visited those places, orphanages, and where he would have gone. I hope you get to share experiences with her some day.
    God bless your travel and family, we are praying for you all.