Joshua's Homecoming Video

Friday, July 22, 2011

The First Days Home

Here are some pictures (below) from Joshua's first days at home.  He is an equal mix of pure joy and pure orneriness.  I don't know how I got so lucky but he LOVES to clean.  God must of known that I was going to need a little extra help with the household chores. ha ha.

We have stayed around home pretty much - trying to figure out and learn our new normal.  It's been going better than I thought.....maybe a honeymoon period.  I don't know.  Anyways I'll take it.  He is very loving and often spontaneously will give a kiss or a hug.  Melts my heart.  When Todd came home for lunch he went right to him, hugged 3 times and kept pointing and saying "Papa!".  Some moments I just can hardly believe that he is really home! 

The support from our family, church family and friends has been incredible.  I am so thankful.  To everyone who has brought meals and helped Todd and the kids - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It has taken out a lot of the stress of bringing a new child into the family.  It helps soooooo much and I am truly grateful. 

Taking him out in the public is something I am trying to figure out.  In his whole 5 1/2 years I am sure it was a rare occasion to go out into public.  So he just doesn't know what to himself and gets a little wild.  He does great in the stroller but I can't nor do I want to do that forever.  When he doesn't want to go somewhere or do something he just plops himself right down and won't budge.  The Stop and Drop. That name just makes me smile.  I can pick him up now but as he grows that will be more and more difficult.  While I am not surprised at this behaviour (it is pretty typical) it IS something I really would like to curb.  If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.  As I keep telling my bio kids, he has never been in a family before, and he has so much to learn that we really to be patient with him. 

Tonight we took everyone to the airport to welcome my new niece home from China.  One less orphan.  So Beautiful!!  I will have to post pictures later.  We are so thankful to God that he brought our family back from all over the world safe and sound.  Thank you Jesus!!   

His first night, I thought I would have him sleep on a inflatable toddler bed in our bedroom.  I showed it to him and he wanted nothing to do with it.  So we took him to his new room and showed him his toddler bed and that is where he has slept since.  And he is a very very good sleeper which is helpful to me - it helps this momma when she can get a good night's sleep. 

Joshua's Arrival Home

Loving the Balloons 

Washing Play Dishes
(though he does a mighty fine job on my real non-breakable dishes too)

Wiping Off the Table
 (hoping that my other kids are watching this....hint hint)

Sweeping Up the Crumbs

Tori painting a nesting doll from Russia

I was pretty impressed.......

Joshua wanted to paint too
 (although he just painted pictures and the funny pages)

Our First Meal Together!
Full House!!


  1. oh, i love this post. the pictures of joshua at home and delighting in helping are so precious. it's so wonderful that he's adjusted to his new bed so well. and the picture of your first family dinner (and losha getting one more bite) just make me smile. thanks for sharing the "new normal" challenges - prayers will continue.

  2. I love this post!!! You are so good about keeping up and sharing your story! It's so wonderful!!! He is so cute and I am so happy he seems to be doing so well. You are so blessed!!!