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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2 - Free Day

Yikes!!!  I am having a hard time staying up-to-date on my blog.  Our days have been packed and very very interesting.  So let me get started on yesterday...........
First of all, since there are 2 other Reece's Rainbow families here our coordinator "E" has been very very busy.  So while the coordinator took these families to their medical examinations and to visit the children they are adopting we did some more touring of St. Petersburg.  It is truly a magnificent city.  Beautiful architecture and rich history make it a lovely place to visit.  Not to mention that it is so far north that it's summer temperatures are very pleasant (I've heard it's been a heat wave back at home).     

Peter and Paul Fortress
Built as a fortress in 1703 by Peter the Great, this building was used instead as a political prison under the czars, and houses the City History Museum, the Mint, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

St. Petersburg has over 200+ museums
something for everyone.......even a torture museum.
And No, we didn't check it out... ewwww

Aurora Cruiser
This historic boat dischargea blank shot played a key role in the start of 
the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

below deck...hammocks and hanging tables

Mom: "Ted, let me take your picture."
Dad: "I don't even know who this guy is..."
Mom: "That's all right, let me take your picture anyways."
This kind of stuff makes me smile......

Eating at the St. Petersburg Restaurant
they serve great traditional Russian cuisine.....mmmm
The man in the red shirt is the best tour guide in
St. Petersburg, Boris.  He speaks great English and
he has a knack for making touring so enjoyable. 

Borscht is delicious!  I really liked it!
The red drink is red juice made with tart berries.

This 3 course meal ended up being lunch and supper.

Just another picture to remind myself that
I am not in Illinois anymore...such amazing views.
Don't worry Illinois cornfields I still miss you and I want to come home!!

Love this picture of my dad.

Alright....enough with the touring and on to what you really want to hear about!
Tomorrow we see Joshua!! 

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  1. thanks for taking us on a "tour" with you .... pretty cool idea to have a hanging table on the ship .... and what a beautiful city! glad you're looking forward to home. excited to hear about your visit with Joshua. =)